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MS 8 – Ch08 – Willowbrook School’s Switchboard (Interface) Design

                        10/30/2017              9.         MS 9 – Ch09 – Willowbrook School’s ERD with Relationship or Cardinality Notation

                        11/20/2017              10.        MS 10 – Ch10 – Willowbrook School’s System Architecture

02/27 /2018   11.       MS 11 – Ch11 – Willowbrook School’s Application Development Methodology—Strd, OO, A

                        03/05/2018    12.       MS 12 – Ch12 – Willowbrook School’s Administrative Information System in Operation

                                                The following MS Steps 13-16 are blended (in part) with MS 8-11)

                                03/26/2018    13.         Program Design. You will reorganize all of the design                                                                                                                                            documentation that you prepared in the prior milestones into

                                                                                Programming specifications for the computer programmer.

                                03/05/2018    13.         User and System Manuals

                                03/19/2018    13.         Finalize User and System Manuals

                                04/02/2018    14.         Finalize Program Design

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MS – Ch08,09,10 – Willowbrook School’s
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Willowbrook School Chapter 10 Solutions 1. Design a system architecture for Willowbrook School based on file server or client/server architecture? Discuss advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when making this decision within the context of Willowbrook School. Speak to the cost-benefit issues of file server and client/server designs. There is no standard answer to this question. All the issues in the checklist on page 406 are important and can affect the project’s success. In a particular situation, one issue might be placed at the top of the list because of specific priorities and concerns. If students feel that some items are of paramount importance, they should be encouraged to state their reasons and open up a discussion to see whether there is support for the viewpoint. Based on all the facts presented thus far, it seems clear that the new system should be based ...
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