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Environmental of exchange
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For this assignment you will visit several retail stores. Observe and record, and learn how the environment of the exchange can help or hinder the personal selling action.

Each store report should be one page in length.  BE SPECIFIC…I want details!

Where is the store located? In a mall…which mall? Is the mall nice? Who else is in the mall, is it Macy’s or Home Depot.  Does this mall make it easier for sellers in the store to work their magic?

Walk up to the front entrance…is it clean? Anything here set a tone (marble, class, brass…?) Do your feet stick to the floor with all the dead gum?

Go inside. Take a deep cleansing breath…popcorn and pizza or perfume and flowers?

Look around at the floors (marble, tile or filthy carpet…..look at the walls, look up.)

Walk through the store, look at the racks and displays….what do you see and what do you feel……

See how the sellers are dressed…is that professional and does it inspire confidence?

Look at your fellow shoppers…are they the children of doctors or petty thieves?

Finally, make your way to the exit and ponder what you have seen…….without speaking a word to the staff, have you formed an opinion and would you ever return ???????

Now write a brief one page report, does the environment of exchange help or hurt the sellers working so hard on the inside? How so?

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