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Component Based Software Design
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Part 1: Begin with the running program from your Phase 4 Individual Project where the examination question class hierarchy was fully implemented in a menu-driven program. An exam class was developed to load the exam from a file and display each question to the screen.

Part 2: Modify the program from part 1 to change the menu to the following:

  1. Load an exam
  2. Take an exam
  3. Show exam results
  4. Quit

Choice 1: No functionality change. Load the exam based upon the user's prompt for an exam file.

Choice 2: The program should display a single question at a time and prompt the user for an answer. Based upon the answer, it should track the score based upon a successful answer. Once a user answers the question, it should also display the correct answer with an appropriate message (e.g., "Good job" or "Better luck next time") Upon completion of the exam, the program should return the user to the menu.

Choice 3: The program should display the total points available and the total points scored during that exam. A percentage score should also be displayed. (Optional: if you choose to track which problems were missed, you could display that information for the user.)

Choice 4: No change to this functionality from the Phase 4 IP.

You should consider creating an additional class Student that will track student's score through methods such as addPointsPossible, addPointsScored, getPointsPossible, and getPointsScored. You should also enhance your Exam class to include methods getPointValue and getAnswer. You may also want to add a method to only display one question at a time, such as displayQuestion.

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Component Based Software Design
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Part 1: Begin with the running program from...
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