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Tactum corporation

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The Tacturn Corporation has a long history of developing chemical and medical compounds for government and hospital use. They now want to bring a consumer product to the market. They are skilled in working with the FDA and there will be no problems with approvals, licenses or quality.


The product is a hand held spray about the size of a breath spray can. It is the chemical compound inside that is revolutionary. If a person consumes an alcoholic beverage, that alcohol stays in the bloodstream and reacts with the brain to cause the condition of drunkenness. Only after the alcohol leaves the blood will the condition disappear. (Often with a hangover as a result) Most states consider a person impaired if the blood alcohol level is above .08. This can result in fines or jail time if the person is driving or causing a disturbance.


The new product is sprayed into the mouth. The active compound bonds with the alcohol in the bloodstream and pulls it directly to the kidneys for elimination. It works very quickly. Very quickly.  If a person with a BAC of .12 uses the product correctly, the BAC will drop in half in only 10 minutes. In fact the 50% reduction in 10 minutes is the common result. The illegal level of .10 will drop to the legal level of .05 in only 10 minutes, leaving the person no longer intoxicated and free to drive or operate heavy machinery. This is not a medicine and there are no side effects.


As a market consultant you are sitting with the client with the following issues to resolve:


a)      Identify several specific target markets

b)      Select a name for the product

c)      Suggest a price

d)     Suggest possible distribution points

e)      Suggest an ad campaign outline for one of the selected target markets

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[Solved] Tacturn Corporation

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Tacturn Corporation Name Institution Tacturn Corporation Non- toxic products are those which do not have side effect to human health while used. These products may have 0% toxicity and medical substances. They may specifically be found and purchased in several specified markets in the world which may include retail markets, Apples market etc. Heinrich,(2015). These markets are carefully selected considering segmentation, targeted people and geographical characteristics etc. The selected markets are mostly popular as it is where most of the big companies purchase their products to consumers through retail outlet stores. The market segmentation and targeted audience are some of the key things in the market as, the product in this case targets the drunkards. The market therefore should be sited in big towns where a sizeable percentag...
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