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Write a one-sentence overview of what product/service you will present.

Give me 2 or 3 product/service details…what are the features and what are the benefits?

Describe briefly the target market in terms of demographics/geographics/psychographics…

What do you estimate the cost of production will be (you can make this up as long as it is somewhat realistic)…and what is your estimated selling price?

Where are you going to make it and where are you going to sell it?

Will you use print media (magazine, newspaper) and/or broadcast media (radio/TV)?


By the way, if you plan to use magazine, radio, or tv, do a little research and consult their “rate card” to see what it actually costs!!!!

On the back, describe one ad you might use to promote your product/service.


Grandma has the cash and Grandpa is pretty active himself. Parents want the kids to get to know their grandparents and the kids want to spend time with people that have money and very few rules!

So on a theme like Universal Studios, but not as big or grand, think about what such an attraction should have/do/be and write your paper.

1) What kind of activities should there be for young and old?

2) What special considerations should be established for menu planning and restaurant themes?

3) What special considerations should we have for the hotel accommodations?

4) What are several “problems” that could be major customer service issues?

To stay healthy or to improve health, young people need to do three types of physical activity each week: aerobic exercise and exercises to strengthen bones and muscles.

The amount of physical activity you need to do each week is determined by your age.


To stay healthy or to improve health, young people need to do three types of physical activity each week: aerobic exercise and exercises to strengthen bones and muscles.

The amount of physical activity you need to do each week is determined by your age.


How much physical activity do children under 5 years old need to do to keep healthy?

Being physically active every day is important for the healthy growth and development of babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

For this age group, activity of any intensity should be encouraged, including light activity and more energetic physical activity.


Guidelines for adults aged 19-64

To stay healthy, adults aged 19-64 should try to be active daily and should do:

  • at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity such as cycling or brisk walking every week, and  
  • strength exercises on two or more days a week that work all the major muscles (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms)  

Guidelines for older adults aged 65 and over

Adults aged 65 or older who are generally fit and have no health conditions that limit their mobility should try to be active daily and should do:

  • a mix of moderate and vigorous aerobic activity every week. For example, two 30-minute runs plus 30 minutes of brisk walking equates to 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity, and
  • strength exercises on two or more days a week that work all the major muscles (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms)

The special considerations that should be established for menu planning and restaurant themes

1. Your audience. Before plunging into your restaurant theme, you need to ask yourself- who am I serving? Families? Men? Women and kids? Blue collar or white collar professionals? Always remember that what appeals to one consumer group may not appeal to the other group. You need to identify and understand your audience properly before finalizing a theme. Your menu, working hours, interior décor and seating capacity depends largely on the kind of audience you are targeting.

2. Demographics of your audience. Knowing the kind of audience at a micro level is good. But knowing the demographics of your region will be an added advantage. Before finalizing a theme, you must know the demographics of your city or town. The US Census provides a detailed profile of your city's income, median age, and size of households. You can use this information to select a theme that would appeal to them. Try to go beyond the local audience, especially if your restaurant is located in a tourist destination.

3. The opinion of your focus groups. Ideas for a new restaurant concept probably keep popping like popcorns in your head. You may be thinking of a family-style restaurant, a café or a food truck around the corner of the street. But focus groups are the most important consideration to make. More often than not, your own bias stands in the way of a good restaurant concept. You need to ask yourself- will my audience like whatever I am offering? Try to go for a theme that is not very common in your region and will be liked by your audience. Take the opinion of your focus groups while finalizing your restaurant theme.

4. The space available to you. This is a problem facing every restaurant owner these days. You have to be prepared to make your restaurant look perfect in a small space. It may restrict your seating capacity to a great extent. So you have to make sure that the theme you select is executable within the space available to you. You may have to keep it low given your budget. Therefore, you should pay close attention to the space available before your finalize your theme.

5. Your competition. You cannot open a sandwich shop if you see there's already an established brand providing that. It's not impossible but difficult. You might have to spend a lot on marketing to establish your USP. But while selecting a theme, you must know what your competitors are doing. No one is asking you to copy their style. But you can still get inspired by their themes and add your own twist to it. The theme of your competitor's restaurant is perhaps one of the most important factors to consider because it greatly determines how many people would come to your restaurant. So never underestimate the power of your competitors.

6. What's cooking the most these days?The food industry, like the fashion industry, is a very volatile domain. Nothing remains constant here. People get bored of eating the same thing every day. That's why restaurant owners are striving to diversify their menu. In order to provide something that appeals to your consumers' palette, you need to keep pace with the latest food trends. The theme of your restaurant is largely determined by the kind of food you are offering. Keeping up with the food trends will help you know what is liked and disliked by your consumers. This would be a great help in coming up with a concept that people will appreciate.

7. Your budget. Without money, your restaurant concept will never see the light of the day. Before finalizing a restaurant theme, you need to budget the process completely. You need to determine how much you will be able to spend on your concept. Of course, it's not an easy task because it requires a lot of planning. But it's unavoidable at the same time. You can't settle on a theme that would call for a whopping investment. So have a proper budget in place before finalizing a restaurant theme.

8. The location, design, and equipment. Where do you want to set up your restaurant? Somewhere close to the center of the city or little towards the outskirts? What kind of a design do you want? Sophisticated and classy or stark and uniquely conventional? These are questions you need to answer while selecting a theme for your restaurant. If you are planning on an upscale restaurant, you certainly don't want to locate it in an average neighborhood. The kind of cooking equipment you need also determines the theme of your restaurant by making it as transparent as a food truck or as reserved as a fine dining restaurant. Never forget these factors because they also determine your budget.

9. Does your theme have enough press-worthiness? Word of mouth plays a very crucial role during the initial stages of setting up a restaurant. There's no doubt that negative publicity also popularizes something, but you certainly don't want to paint a wrong picture of your restaurant. In order to get more people talking good about your restaurant, you need to keep an outstanding theme and market it differently. Your restaurant should able to snatch the media limelight and get more people swarming to it. Research on research themes globally that are becoming stories in various food and lifestyle magazines. It will give you an idea what you should be doing.

10. Ethicality of your theme. Last but not the least, you need to understand that ethical businesses last longer. A derogatory and socially acceptable theme may call for legal actions. So you have to be extremely careful that your restaurant concept doesn't have negative innuendos. For example, you cannot open a family-style restaurant that is not authorized to serve alcoholic beverages. You might even have to close it down in the worst case scenario. So select a theme that is welcoming to all and paints an ethical picture of your business. Once you have finalized the theme of your restaurant, do not forget to invest in a good software tool that helps you bring better service to your customers. Restaurant software programs such as the one we offer can help you streamline all your operations. After all, it is not just about finalizing a theme, it is really about running the restaurant in an effective manner that matters the most.

Considerations to make for the hotel accommodations

Value for money. Price discounts, corporate rates and corporate billing, off-season rates and family room packages are just some of the considerations when I travel. If you are on an official business, take into account the price ceiling set by your company policies so you do not have to worry about overspending for a hotel and burden yourself later for justification with the finance department.

In my previous work, our company has set a corporate account in several hotels in Davao and I did not have to worry about making cash advances that add up to my responsibilities and not worry about being robbed.

If you are on a personal or family vacation, you need to decide whether you want to splurge a bit or save your money instead for adventure trips or for shopping. If you have children but are not yet used to staying in backpackers' inns or hotels thus, it is a must they we get a comfortable family room that has ample space and where they can enjoy some hotel amenities. But when they are older and are more attuned to backpacking style of lodging, then you can choose cheaper rooms. Bottomline--always make it a point to compare prices and find cheap hotels within your area of destination.

Location. While others go for remote lodging because it is cheaper and where the view is better, I always consider proximity to shops and stores. We had a mistake in choosing a resort hotel outside Bacolod City. Sure the hotel was nice where nature surrounds you but meeting friends and dining out became a problem. Unless you have rented a car or can enjoy a 24-hour taxi services or public transportation, it should not be a problem. One hotel in Davao is conveniently located the heart of the city, but there are few restaurants within its premises. Hotel food is expensive and living within your means is a major consideration. Imagine taking a cab or walking 3 blocks just to dine out.

Security. Security here means both inside and out of the hotel. I am sure you would not want to stay in a hotel where you will fear of being mugged or held up as soon as you step out of the hotel premises. So choose hotels that can provide you the security you need. Also, choose hotels where there are adequate emergency features like working fire alarms, exit doors and stairs. This reminds me of a time I was booked in this nice small hotel in Catarman, Samar and I was billeted in one of the cabanas/apartment-type building. It is a guest house of the family who owns the place but was converted into hotel rooms instead. My room was located in the second floor atop a family room and kitchen. One night, I went down to buy some stuff outside of the hotel, I was intrigued by a sweet aroma like someone is baking pies and cookies. To my surprise, the hotel restaurant staff are, indeed, baking in the kitchen right under my room! When I got back, I immediately looked for exit point on the windows, and to my disappointment, the windows have fixed iron grills! Good thing nothing untoward happened during my 7-day stay in that hotel. Had a fire struck the kitchen under my room, I would have been a baked goodie now.

Internet access. I am sure no one will argue with me on this one. We always want to connect--whether for business and personal social networking--there has to be a free WiFi service. If there is none, make sure your mobile phone has data connection so you can tether your laptop or other gadgets. Determine which mobile telephone company provides the better broadband signal in your destination.

Customer service. Nothing beats excellent customer services. Imagine a hotel when you ask the housekeeping for a missing TV remote or a clogged toilet and it takes them eons to arrive. Go figure. I appreciate hotels--big or small--with good 24-hour customer service that is fast and reliable. 

Clean toilet and bath. Aside from pricing, I always go back to the hotels where the toilets are clean and free of bad odor. A plus factor is when the have a complete set of toiletries like soap or body wash, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste. I remember one small hotel in Bohol and Catarman where you have all these. There is nothing fancy about the toiletries--just like the ordinary ones you can buy from the convenience stores--but the fact that they are available and finding them in a small hotel is heavenly! You would not have to worry when you realize you have forgotten your travel toothbrush. 

Overall cleanliness. From the lobby to the corridors and rooms, nothing beats a pest-free room, polished floors, stain-free carpets, painted walls, and no musty odors. It sure will give you the much needed relaxation after work and pleasure. 

Room with a view. Rooms with a view always have a premium price. If you are willing to pay the price, go for it. Otherwise, just live by the room across where you only have walls in it


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Grandparents World Name Institution Grandparents World Cooking and baking are some of the events that young individuals and old people should be involved in. This mostly applies from grandparents to their grandchildren. It becomes even more of amusing when the grandchildren are to taste some of the guidelines, hand over some ingredients, clean the veggies, add or stir elements or even set the table. Menu planning and Restaurant concerns should be conventional in terms of price, nutrients, food composition or even recipe price. It is also very important to keep diet when planning a menu. In consideration, you should also get to know your customers, if the café is in a small town full of plant employees, you may need to increase ration sizes of proteins to ensure that your customers are pleased enough for another turn up. In hotel lodging, swimming pool, free unscrewed WIFI and even cleaning services are some of the concerns to be keyed in. This helps mostly in relaxation of one’s mind, excising of the body and timeless charts with friends and relatives R. A. (2006). . It is also a one way to get more and ...
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