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English 121 Observation Essay About a Coffee Shop
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1700 words long Minimum. Observative essay may be on anything. (Example: A trip to the mall, to a zoo, to kings dominion, to where ever). Must consist of what's going on, what it looks like, what people are doing...observe what's around and write it out descriptively.

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English 121 Observation Essay About a Coffee Shop
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As we have a tendency to act our busy lives, going here, there and everyplace sort of a colony of ants build up provides for the winter, we have a tendency to ne'er actually take an instant to seem at the planet around U.S., stop to smell the roses, to coin a preferred phrase. we have a tendency to ne'er appear to require within the sights, sounds, smells and feelings that we frequently disconnect ourselves from in our obsession to form the planet an ideal place. there's few moment that we have a tendency to stop to note the opposite indi...
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