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In a short academic essay evaluate ways in which organisations may successfully implement strategic change. Discuss this via reference to an organisation with which you are familiar. This may be an organisation you work for, have worked for or any organisation in the public domain


In answering this question you will need to apply academic theory and models to your chosen organisation.

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Implementing Strategic Change Change involves reviewing and modifying business processes and management structures. In most cases, this change occurs when an organization transforms of its present state to a desired future state. The entire process of managing organization change should be done in a manner that minimizes potential resistance from company employees, reduces the costs involved, and simultaneously increasing the effectiveness of any given change effort. Within the current business environment, companies are required to engage in constant organizational changes to enable them remain competitive in their respective industries. Change in an organization can be a minor change, for instance installing a software program. It can also be a big change such as when an organization makes a decision to refocus and redefine its marketing strategy as it seeks to transform itself .it is worth to mention that initiatives for organizational change usually arise because of the challenges or problems being experienced by a business. In some cases, the top management might decide to carry out strategic changes within the organization as part of the effort to exploit new potentials. Since change efforts are bound to be viewed as threatening to some people and exciting to others, the management should strive to cultivate support and acceptance. These are important components needed to manage organization change successfully (Helfat et al., 2009). This paper provides a comprehensive analysis and assessment of the impact or organizational change. The assessment has been done in reference to Google, a company that has successfully implemented strategic change in the past. Following a strategic set of organizational change best practices guarantees success when implementing strategic changes within an organization. It is important to make sure that the best practices are aligned with organizational and behavioural adjustments need to accommodate the current changes and ensure that they remain sustainable. A perfect change management project is one in which all project stakeholders recognize the impact of change, offer the support required to make change a success, and possess the right tools needed to overcome or respond to challenges that arise during the process of implementing change. Organizations apply different methods or strategies when implementing change. One of these ways is adhering to the seven steps described in the next section. The steps involve planning carefully, defining governance, assigning leadership roles, ensuring that stakeholders remain in the loop, identifying and supporting advocates, assessing/reviewing constantly, and addressing the concerns of the workforce (Lewis, 2014). According to Lewis (2014), planning carefully helps the implementation team to have an understanding about the appearance of the result. Having this in mind, the team can continue to list and draft the critical task needed to complete the entire process and outline the manner in which the listed tasks will be completed. Planning also involves the development of a strategic change management plan. With such a plan, it means that the organization has a vision that defines change and the milestones required to attain the end goal(s). A plan also makes it easier for the implementation team to assess and evaluate the success of change effort during all the critical stages and offers an opportunity to motivate teams and individuals who facilitate the achievement of desired goals and objectives. The success of Google in implementing strategic change is major...
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