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Mastering Leadership week 5 dq
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  1. How does a creative orientation support the analysis of business opportunities for strategic change?
  2. How might an organizational culture manifest as reactive or creative?
  3. What individual and organizational structures support a creative orientation?
  4. How do a clear purpose and vision support leaders in achieving strategic change?
  5. How might you describe the culture of an organization with clear purpose and vision?
  6. What structural elements might you expect in an organization pursuing strategic change successfully?
  7. we are reading about the transition from Reactive to Creative... as you reflect, please share your personal plan to begin to succeed with this transition.  What personal steps, action plan will you include in your development and why?
  8. As leaders, please describe what you have learned from past leaders who have had an impact on culture and change then present your plan for creating a culture which supports change, development and success. 


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