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Lab Assignment 6: Working with Tables
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Deliverable: One (1) Web page and one (1) Cascading Style Sheet (.css).


Complete the weekly lab based on the following:

  • Write the code for each lab assignment.
  • The code is to be submitted in a single compressed folder (zip file) to the online course shell. The file must contain all .htm files, along with any other files that may be necessary for your project to run (ex: text files, images, etc.). 
  • When saving the file, it should be saved as Lab_#_Last name_First initial.htm. For example, if your name is Mary Smith the file for Lab 1 should be saved as Lab_1_Smith_M.htm
  • Any and all written answers must be entered into the online course shell with the submission of the attached lab assignment.

Follow the directions below to complete Lab Assignment 6:

  1. Create a Web page and a Cascading Style Sheet (.css) that adds color to the page.
  2. Re-create the Web page and the table as shown. 
  3. Create a caption for a student’s name. 
  4. Create a 1px table border.
  5. Create weekday headings.
  6. Create time headings.
  7. Create multiple column coverage as shown for: 
    1. “Homeroom”.
    2. “Dismissed”.
  8. Create multiple column coverage and a centered bold tag for “ Lunch” as shown.
  9. Create multiple row coverage for “Gym” on Monday from 2:00 and 3:00 as shown.
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CIS 273 Lab Assignment 6: Working with Tables
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CIS 273 Lab Assignment 6: Working ...
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