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Database Design Diagram
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Section 1: Database Design Diagram (Using Microsoft Visio is optional; you may also use any other application you know or even draw the diagram with pen and paper and take a picture of it for submission.)

  1. Create a database diagram with the entities and attributes that the scenario identified (i.e., a college tracking students, courses, and instructors).
  2. Submit your diagram.

Section 2: Design Summary (Microsoft Word or equivalent)

3. Write a one (1) page paper in which you:

    1. Discuss the degree to which you believe your diagram reflects the database design
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Database Design Diagram + Summary
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To develop the database for the college to maintain the information of the students, the application should be capable to store and give the data on student such as when the student is admitted; is the student still studied in the college, if the student left then when did he should be left the college; in which course student would be studied. In this example, the entities are students, course, and instructor. The set of entities STUDENTS of the college database has the attributes StudentID, StudentName, Street City, State, PIN. Attributes of relationships may either be attributes of the entities they relate, or be new attributes, specific to the relationship. For instance, a grade involves a student, a course, and an instructor, and for thes...
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