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week 3 Mastering Leadership dq
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  1. What role does ego play in group and team communications?
  2. What are the communications needs in organizations?
  3. How can leaders manage productive and unproductive conflict?
  4. How does moving from patriarchy to partnership affect group and team communications?
  5. How do reactive dynamics affect group and team communications?
  6. What strategies for skillful communications are discussed in this reading?
  7. How do you handle conflict in your professional life? How do you respond when someone is challenging your viewpoint? What are some of your best practices for handling conflict?


    Please describe a situation in your experience, whereby your leader, the organization provided communication skills training and the impact on you and team?  What were the key messages conveyed?

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group and team communications
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What role does ego play in group and team communications? What are the communic...
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