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market segmentation

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a)... go to a store that you never expected to go to (no purchase necessary)

b) ...browse through a magazine that you never expected to look at

c) an entire TV show (at least 30 minutes) that you would never have watched on your own.

Now produce a one page report, with the theme of Market Segmentation, and tell me about what you

saw....was it odd? Disturbing? Silly? Were you uncomfortable? Take a few minutes and tell me who you

THINK might be watching that show, reading that magazine, and who you saw in that store. Use the

segmentation variables of Demographic & Psychographic segmentation to describe them

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[Solved] Volkswagen Market Segmentation In INDIA

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Volkswagen Market Segmentation In INDIA Name: Institution:   Market segmentation is dividing a broad target market into different portions according to their similarities and characteristics. Market segmentation allows businesses to identify specific consumer needs that help in identifying better ways of satisfying their needs. Market segmentation enables companies and businesses to target different classes of consumers who recognize the fill worth of certain goods and services in a different way from one another (McDonald, & Dunbar, 2012). Volkswagen group India has its headquarters in Maharashtra. Three types of brands produced by the country that include Volkswagen, Skoda, and the luxurious Audi represent the Volkswagen brand. The company has implemented great efforts to boost its brand name that has assisted it a lot in setting its high prices. However, the company deals with production of a range of products that ranges from budgeted car segment to luxury car segment. Segmentation Customers looking for SUV and hatchback type of vehicles are the exact market segments that Volkswagen are focusing on. The automobile company presents itself as a producer of high volume motor vehicles. Volkswagen has recently confirmed of its two imperative projects in India. The projects are aimed at the biggest growing segments in India. The Volkswagen Company produces various kinds of car models in the luxury, midsize and compact car segment. They mostly target the luxury ...
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