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creativity and innovation in organisations

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Critically review an example of creativity in the workplace, using appropriate theoretical perspectives to support your analysis. Assess how and why it has made a difference in the industry and consider future possible development.


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[Solved] creativity and innovation in organisations

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Creativity & Innovation in Organisations Name Institution Creativity & Innovation in Organisations Creativity refers to the tendency to recognize or generate alternatives, possibilities, or ideas needed to solve problems. It also describes the act of transforming imaginative and new ideas into reality. It is characterised by the ability to approach different issues in new ways, identify hidden patterns, establish connections between unrelated phenomena, and eventually generate solutions. Within an organization, creativity involves an organization’s ability to generate new operational techniques and unique process and methods that ultimately give an organization a competitive advantage over other players in the industry. With the increasing complex issues in an organization, it means that organizational leaders must find ways of being creative as they seek to respond to some of those issues. Some leaders are able to address complex issues through different creative ways that include applying set of actions or a standard formula, analysing the situation at hand, and applying logic to establish the most appropriate course of action. In instances when the current problem is an issue that has never occurred before, it would be important to engage in genuine innovation. Organizational leaders are expected to think creatively and develop new and innovative solutions to a wide range of work-based problems. Fostering and harnessing the teams’ creative abilities is a strategy capable of generating creative solutions and ideas to organizational problems. Working as a team when responding to organizational problems is an appropriate technique because team members collectively possess skills and knowledge required to generate long-lasting solutions. Creativity in the workplace is associated with numerous benefits that include increased workplace interaction and engagement, better teamwork, increased staff morale, increased productivity and workplace problem solving (Best Practice Consulting, 2018). This paper provides a comprehensive analysis of creativity in the workplace, assesses its effects in a selected industry, and examines future possible development. Creativity in the workplace and its impact in the Information and Technology industry As mentioned by Ceira (2013), forward-thinking businesses do not stumble upon creative ideas by chance. They strive to build a strong framework within their members that supports consistent creativity. Irrespective of whether an organization is a for-profit company or a social impact organization, there are different ways through which an organization can engrain excellent thinking in its culture. Successful organizations comprehend the importance of creativity in business. Apple Company is a perfect example of an organization that succeeded in pursuing effective creative and managed to improve its products and scale up business activities. A few years ago when the company was on the brink of collapse, effective creativity policy was implemented enabling the company to attain new heights of success and performance. The outstanding success of the company’s creative management strategies brought Apple in the league of top-performing organizations in the Information and Technology industry. According to Thomke & Feinberg (2009), Apple’s success in creativity was due to successful implementation of different creative ideas that included considering innovation as a critical value in the business’s philosophy, determination to take the lead, the focus to operate in a creative and innovation-friendly environment, pursuing constant innovation, and readiness to experiment new ideas. For Apple, innovation is a core business value. According to Ceira (2013), the company does not seek creativity as a mere need-based issue. Instead, the company takes it as a...
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