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Discusion question final week
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Just answer the following Discusion questions

  1. What are the FOUR Landmark Laws that make up the Federal antitrust Statutes?  What was each designed to protect and/or prohibit? 
  2. What business operations or activities was each section designed to protect, preserve, preclude or prohibit?  Restraint of Trade - Section 1 of the Act Monopolization - Section 2 of the Act.
  3. Why are they important?  What advantages or disadvantages do they bring to the business world?  Section 2 - Price Discrimination, Section 3 - Tying Arrangements, Section 7 - Mergers.
  4. Do you think that the fact that the EU is more stringent than the US is a good thing or a bad thing?
  5. Is it common or rare to find laws that are more stringent than those in the United States? Recalling our discussions from the passed weeks, can you think of other examples where laws in the US are more/less stringent than outside the US? Thoughts?
  6. Why would consumers want to register on the Do-Not-Call list?  What necessitated the creation of these administrative rules?
  7. What are some ways the environment may be potentially effected by the passage of certain laws, regulations, legislation or statutes?


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Discusion question final week
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What are the FOUR Landmark Laws that make up the Federal antitrust Statutes? Wh...
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