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Learning Activity 3
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Background to the assignment: At the beginning of the Medieval Age, there was a synthesis of three different cultures within Western culture. There was the classical culture, Christian culture, and pagan culture. Each made adjustments as they interacted and came together, and over hundreds of years, they finally settled into a balanced Western culture for a time period.


Description of the assignment: In America today, there is a synthesis of different cultures as well. There is the secular culture, Christian culture, and other religious cultures. In a logical discussion, describe what the balanced culture will look like in America when it finally settles. Explain in an orderly manner why you came to these conclusions. This assignment requires an opinion; you must clarify your position. If you include sources, cite them in current APA format. This assignment must be 250–300 words and must include the word count in parentheses. Submit a draft of your Learning Activity to SafeAssign for feedback a few days before the assignment is due.

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