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Answer the following questions

  • What is the meaning of employee relations?
  • What is fair disciplinary practices?
  • Please explain who you consider to be the "main players" in regards to employee relations, as well as the role each "player" serves. 

  • Please discuss some key obstacles that stand in the way of true cooperation by unions and management. 

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Employee Relations, discipline and obstacle to true cooperation by union and management
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Employee relations Employee relations is the relationship shared among employees in the organizations such as co-workers, members of management and between employees and their superior. Employee relations can also be further explained as the company’s measures to manage the relationship among employers and employees through an employee relations program to provide a fair and consistent treatment all the employees to induce their loyalty to the organizations (Lewis, Thornhill, & Saunders, 2003). Fair disciplinary practices Fair disciplinary action are those actions which are compliant with human resources and best legal practices. The disciplinary practices have to be fair, consistent and reasonably in line with the offence committed by any employee. Fair disciplinary practices provide an equal opportunity and addresses all matters in a just and equitable manner so that all welfare of the employee and organizations interest are solved (Vitols & Kluge, 2011). The "main players" in employee relations There are two key players in the in the employee relations which are the employers and the employee. The employers constitute the organizations, natural or artificial persons associated with the ownership of the organization. The second category constitutes the employees in the organization and the m...
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