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Compensation and Benefits Strategy
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Choose your organization or one you know well to use for this assignment.  APPLE 

Develop 1,225-word compensation and benefits strategy for the organization.

  • Discuss current trends shaping total rewards for employees in a business industry synonymous with your organization.
  • Evaluate current compensation plans for that industry.
  • Summarize your data in narrative and table format showing diverse levels of responsibility and compensation.
  • Evaluate the market data, job data, and organizational data.
  • Devise a total rewards strategy with recommendations for your organization.
  • Include in table format a list of the compensation components for your plan.
  • Develop a one-page survey you would use as a resource to collect information from employees about the rewards they desire in a reward package for employees. On your survey, include questions about financial rewards and non-financial rewards. Attach the survey as an Appendix. Do not administer the survey.
  • Include an analysis of legislation that may impact decisions made about compensation and benefits. 

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines. 

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Compensation and Benefits Strategy
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Choose your organization or one you know well to use for ...
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