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Distribution Channel Article Review
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Purpose of Assignment 

A well planned distribution channel system is a key component of the marketing mix that helps meet customer demands and achieve company goals. This assignment will analyze the role channels of distribution have in meeting the needs of consumers in both a brick and mortar and online retail setting. 

Assignment Steps 

Resources: University Library article on distribution channels in marketing that is not more than five years old; Marketing: Ch. 1: pg. 4-10; Ch. 2: pg. 40-46, 54-69; Ch. 15: pg. 408-420; Ch. 16: pg. 438-447; Week 4 video 

Scenario: You work for a newly formed sports apparel company and your manager has requested you help the company decide on the best distribution strategy to use for its products. You have begun research on the strategies and methods available by reviewing relevant articles on the topic. Based on your article review, you will decide what strategy(ies) is/are best and explain the reasoning behind your conclusion. 

Select an article from the University Library that is less than five years old on the role of distribution channels in marketing. 

Compose a 850 to1,050-word article review covering the following:

  • Define what a distribution channel is and discuss why it is important to the marketing process. 
  • Discuss the differences between direct and indirect distribution channels.
  • Introduce the article and its author(s) and give a brief summary of its core message(s).
  • Analyze the relationship distribution channels have to maintaining a satisfied target market.
  • Compare and contrast similarities and differences in distribution strategies for online versus brick and mortar businesses. Use examples from a company you admire or your own work life examples to illustrate your points.
  • Recommend distribution strategy(ies) for the company and what reasoning led you to conclude this was the best solution. 

Cite a minimum of two peer-reviewed sources with one being the article from the University Library. 

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Do not use a running head - one point penalty for using a running head.

Use a serif font (Georgia or Times New Roman); with at least 1.5x line spacing.  2.0x spacing is preferred.

Do not exceed the word count.

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Distribution Channel Analysis
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Distribution Channel Analysis Name School  Introduction Actually in this case study we shall mainly look on the distribution channels that are existing among the marketing channel and therefore we shall mainly major on the groups of online setting and the brick and the mortar and most importantly we shall define what a distribution channel is and more so explain it role to the business. Furthermore we shall mainly dwell on the differences regarding direct and that of indirect and thus we shall look on its authors and thus give the main message of that is being conveyed. And thus we shall mainly analyze the relationship existing among the distribution channel and in the process of conveying goods from one point to another (Kangkang, 2013). Finally we shall then compare and contrast the relationships that are being exhibited between online brick and that of the mortar businesses therefore we shall outline some of the recommendations of the distribution strategies and thus some of the conclusions regarding the recommendations. Distribution Channel Formally the submission programs are the set of interdependent promotion organizations playing the promotion activities involved in the movement the flow of alternatives or items from the primary producers to ultimate clients. Actually, the submission path performs a majority to the promotion process; therefore, there is the great need for the investors and also a lot to tight their method of distributing their items so that we could have a sufficient submission system. The function of the submission approach to the promotion process includes: - Connecting link between producer and consumers; it makes time create resources by linking the gap between sufficient time kind of production and those of consumption. - Increase the performance of selling because the countermen are specific agencies of submission. They help to reduce the cost of dealings and smoothen the flow of merchandise or alternatives. - Distribution agents accomplish the search for consumers by keeping hold of both. They are in immediate contact with clients and understand the needs and choices of clients. In the lack of countermen, producers are usually necessary to keep the larger stock of merchandise. - Marketing intermediaries play a significant aspect in the submission of merchandise or alternatives. These intermediates have comprehensive connections, expert knowledge, and trade experience. - The accomplishment of more efficient submission than producers. Many producers do no...
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A well planned distribution channel system is a key component of the marketing mix
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A well planned distribution channel system is a ...
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