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Network Design and Link Activation
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Note: Refer to the Course Project Grading Rubric in the Course Information section of this course for a detailed breakdown of how you will be graded for Phase 1.

Objective: Design and implement the ILS network topology as described. Verify all links as operational and functioning. Read this document thoroughly before proceeding.  

Scenario: The responsibilities of the network engineers with International Learning Company include creating and managing the network, including connectivity to all regional offices, and Internet access via their service provider, ISP.

The icons in the figure below are representative of devices needed to be connected and configured to complete this phase.

  • Set up serial connections between Richmond, Charlotte, and Charleston.
  • Connect:
    • Richmond to Switch 3.  Connect two servers to Switch 3
    • Charlotte to Switch 2
      • Switch 0 is connected to Switch 2
    • Charleston to Switch 1
    • Connect specific VLAN hosts to each switch for testing purposes.
    • Connect Richmond to the Linksys device.
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Network Design and Link Activation
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