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Healthcare Budgeting Assumptions and Trend Analysis

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Established in 1977, Krona Community Hospital is a 60-bed, acute care hospital located in the heart of Banconota County. With a staff of nearly 100 physicians and specialists, 400 employees, and 75 volunteers, they offer a full range of health care services. They are accredited by The Joint Commission.

Nouveau Health, a private, not-for-profit health care chain, took over the management of Krona Hospital. Last year, state officials began to discuss Nouveau’s proposal to build a new, replacement hospital in Banconota County. The new facility would have 74 acute care beds, four observation rooms, four surgical operating rooms, one c-section room, a 24-hour emergency department, a maternity center, an intensive care unit, and extensive support services, including physical therapy and cardiac rehabilitation. All patient rooms would be private.

You are a staff member in the finance department at Nouveau Health, whose sole responsibility is to advance the success of the organization through assisting in planning, forecasting, and finance management.

Your Key Assignment Draft is designed to help you prepare for the presentation in Phase 5. The chief executive officer (CEO) of Krona has asked that you complete the following:

  • Prepare next year’s financial plan and operational budget.
    • Note: Keep in mind that the budget you created for your Phase 2 Individual Project did not take into account the growth of the new facility. The CEO has asked that you expand that budget and provide a finalized budget that will take into account the new services offered. The CEO has stated that there is $3 million that you can incorporate into the budget for additional staffing, services, maintenance, and so forth.
  • Make sure the budget reflects the following:
    • Increase in revenue reimbursement
    • Allocation for the proposed improvements
    • Increase in salaries

Be sure to discuss the following areas:

  • Funding sources
  • Your methodology in revenue forecasting
  • How the new services will impact revenue?
  • Fixed and variable costs
  • Project inpatient and outpatient visits based on current trends

Please use an original document , APA format and include references, this is an 8-page assignment. This one is not a power-point presentation.

This is the previous assignment for reference.



As a member of the finance team, you have been asked to forecast the upcoming year’s operational budget for Krona Community Hospital. Click here for last year’s budget. After reviewing specific data, internal input, and external input from various sources, you find that the executive management team would like the budget to reflect the following:

  • 10% increase in inpatient revenue
  • 15% increase in outpatient revenue
  • 5% increase in pharmacy revenue
  • 15% increase in home health and hospital revenue
  • 10% increase in payroll and benefits

Note: The budget should be formatted to reflect the percentage increase or decrease from last year’s budget.

Additionally, provide discussion on the following:

  • How might you increase revenue in each of the areas? Think outside of the box, and perform research to determine current trends in those areas.
  • Why would there be a need to increase payroll, particularly nurses’ salaries?
  • Provide an explanation as to how the Krona Community Hospital may be able to achieve an increase in the revenue areas that the chief executive officer (CEO) wishes you to address.
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[Solved] Healthcare Budgeting Assumptions and Trend Analysis

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Please find the atta...
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[Solved] Healthcare Budgeting Assumptions and Trend Analysis

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Sources of revenue that may assist in financing the hospital LaPenna, A. M. (January 01, 2009 gives an overview of government and other sources of hospital revenue and details the challenges of public payer underpayment. Hospitals must make revenue in order to offer their community with critical health care services. The compound system of hospital financing includes a diversity of revenue sources. A large part of hospital revenue emerges from government programs. The payment rates for these programs are established by law and classically do not cover the full cost of care. Sources of Hospital Revenue Operating revenue is the money made directly by giving health care services to patients. It is the biggest and most significant source of hospital revenue. According to the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, (2011), operating revenue represented 91% of all the money earned by hospitals in most states. H...
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[Solved] Healthcare Budgeting Assumptions and Trend Analysis

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Healthcare Budgeting Assum...
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