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CIS 495 Networking
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Please see the attachment below and make a proposal as outlined in that draft. Please disregard the 1 attachment please see second attachment. Please do not plagirize as with will be checked through chalk and wire.

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CIS 495 Networking
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Proposals A) Introduction The Abercrombie Architectural Firm (AAF) is a privately owned firm which is in need to expand to other places from its headquarters in Spokane Washington. In this attempt the firm will have to make few changes and modification so as to open new branches that will specialize in various activities. The firm wants to open new sites in; 1. Leeds, England. 2. Virginia Beach, Virginia. 3. San Diego, California In this view, the company need to make adjustments on the number of employees for istance in Leeds there will be 1200 employees, Virginia Beach will need 2100 employees and San Diego, California will need 1435 employees. The different sites will also require a combination of operating systems based on the needs of the locals. There is also need for networking that will require computers and networking hardware. There will also will also need for information assurance (AI) and network security in accordance with industry standard practices. There will also be need for designing and developing the installation plan for these components and docum...
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