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Unit 5 Lab Assignment: Closeout and Termination
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Unit 5 Lab Assignment: Closeout and Termination

The Final Project Report is the administrative record of the completed project that identifies all its functional and technical components, as well as other important project history.

It includes all the strengths and weaknesses of the project as it progressed and offers a final assessment of what went right (or wrong) throughout the life of the project. It is essentially a "lessons learned" document of the project.

Your assignment is to:

Prepare a final Project Report of your project. Use MS Word for this report.

Your report should include these elements:

    • Project Performance

This should include a candid assessment of the project's achievements relative to its plan. Did the project achieve the goals you set out to accomplish? It should also include candid criticism as to the project performance. What caused this poor performance? What recommendations do you have to ensure it doesn't happen in future projects?

    • Administrative Performance

What are the standard administrative practices that occur within an organization that were beneficial to the project? What were some drawbacks that could be improved on?

    • Organizational Structure

How did the organization's operating structure help or hinder the project team? How could it have been changed to better align the structure with the activities?

    • Team Performance

How effectively did the team perform this project? Were the proper people picked to perform the project? Were they properly trained? How did the project manager perform? Address team-building techniques and training activities that you think would ensure effective team performance of your project if it actually occurred.

    • Techniques of Project Management

What organizational methods are effective for project management? These include software, scheduling, rules, procedures, etc.

    • Benefits to the Organization and the Customer

To what degree did this project provide the benefits and accomplish the goals that it intended? Keep in mind that goals are not always immediate and can occur over time.


Your report must meet the following criteria:

  1. Write your report in essay form, using bullet points only where appropriate.
  2. If you use outside resources (and you should!), cite your sources using APA format. This includes information that you use from your textbook as well. Use the double citation reference system: The first is a parenthetical ( ) citation in the text of the report where the research material is used. The second citation is in the References page where full reference details are given.
  3. Use American Psychological Association (APA) style to format your report, regardless of whether you use additional resources or not. You do NOT need an Abstract. Here is a helpful link for information on APA style: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
  4. Use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  5. You report should be no more than 4-5 pages in length including any reference page.
  6. The cover page for your final Project Report should include the title of your paper, the course, your name and date.
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Project Performance
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Project Performance The project is about is about the exploration of the software requirements of the company and implementing an appropriate software package in order to boost the overall growth of the company. There may be various software packages to choose from, so the challenge is to select the best suited package which can effectively cut the administrative overhead of the company. The performance of the project can be measured with respect to the milestone being adhered and on triple constraints. The project achieved its objective through thorough analysis of the software available in the market and followed by due diligence of the same. The performance of any project is measured by the objective of meeting the triple constraints followed by any deviation in the same. Any deviation in the scope, cost and schedule of the project leads to movement of the company's objective and thus shifting of the project from being useful to being not useful. The main causes of poor performance of a project are: • Ineffective Leadership When the team is not performing at its best, it is the leader who is questioned. He has a greater responsibility than everyone else. That is to bring the BEST out of all the team members working with him. To do that, he has to identify the right resource, ensure his or her availability, make the expectations crystal clear and inspect what he expects. Like it or not, when the team members do not understand the expectations, it heir leader gets the blame. So leader has to consciously retrospect each of his actions and be ready to lead from the front. He also has to assure that right kind of organization culture is built. If the organization culture is like such where it is okay to procrastinate, the team would shape itself accordingly. • Wrong people at the wrong place Reasons can be millions but the bottom-line is, it should be ensured that right person is doing the right job. An effective leader ensures that it happens. • Work-systems and processes People don’t often understand their organization type even though they always want to perform at their best. Key is to set the expectation right and spell out what kind of behaviour is “expected” behaviour in the organization. • Individual’s incapability's Skill problems are comparatively easier to deal with. With targeted skill-enhancement programs, mentorship etc. are the tools used to solve the skill problems. This may or may not be affordable to an organization. Administrative Performance The standard administrative practices that occur within an organization those were benefi...
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