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QI Plan Continuation
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I need help with the next step of creating a QI Plan. See attachment for complete instructions.

Thanks in advance.

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QI PLAN 2 In healthcare systems
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QI PLAN 2 Name: Institution: Date: INTRODUCTION In healthcare systems, there are several areas that need improvements. This depends on the various hospitals, people or culture in a given area, beliefs and various reasons too. There are various models for improvement, in which, they have two basic components, for instance, it begins by addressing various fundamental questions, like, how can we know if a given change is an improvement? The second part is a vigorous cycle improvement cycle. In this second part of the QI plan we will be dealing with a specific healthcare performance area, discussing the various models of improvement, current technology and various benchmarks and milestone that can be taken for improvement in our plan (Strome, 2013). Improving quality Health literacy can be viewed as a degree to which individuals have a capacity to obtain, understand common information that deals with the health care facilities, this is also related to the basic information that is needed in making good and appropriate health care decisions. Quality improvement models are hence needed to attain a suitable health literacy in all of the health care facilities (Carnevale, 2012). We will concentrate on the three common models, which include the Plan-Do-Study-Act model, the lean model commonly referred to the Toyota model in the business world and lastly the six sigma quality improvement model. Quality improvement models Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) This method has been widely used by the institute of the healthcare Improvement for a wide range of improvement, this is done so that to make a positive change in the healthcare systems and affecting its outcomes for positive results and hence the use of the Plan-Do-Study-Act model (Carnevale, 2012). This model is capable of impacting and assessing various changes due to its cyclical nature. The primary objective of this model is to come up with a functional relationship between the outcomes and the changes in the process to be specific it concentrates on the behaviors and capabilities of the processes. There are three main questions used before the PDSA cycle, these are: 1. What is the aim of the project? 2. How can it be known that the aim of the project has been reached? 3. What should be done to reach that objective of the project? The three questions shows the whole process of the Plan-Do-Study-Act from ...
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