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Earth Science Review
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In at least 350 words you will apply your earth-science knowledge to offer potential solutions to real-world problems. Follow these steps:

1.                  Choose a contemporary earth-science hot topic from the list below.

a.                   Anthropogenic global warming

b.                  Surface water pollution

c.                   Air pollution

d.                  Groundwater pollution

e.                   Fracking

f.                    Surface erosion (from construction projects)

g.                  Ultraviolet radiation exposure

h.                  Supervolcanoes (potential for eruption)

i.                    Increased hurricane/tornado activity in the 20th/21st centuries

j.                    River piracy (e.g., Colorado River)

2.                  Find 2 journal articles or online articles from reputable websites (.gov or .edu sites) that discuss your chosen topic.

3.                  Answer the following questions in your thread:

a.                   Is this hot topic a problem for the earth and/or mankind? Why or why not? You will need to provide at least 2 evidences for the position you take. Be sure your evidences are well researched.

b.                  If you judge the hot topic as a problem for the earth and/or mankind, then what are some possible solutions? That is, how might the problem be mitigated by scientists, government officials, etc.? You will need to provide at least 2 possible solutions. Be sure your solutions are well researched.

c.                   If you judge the hot topic as not being a problem for earth and/or mankind, then how might those on the opposing side be appeased? That is, how might their fears and concerns be addressed by scientists, government officials, etc.? Be sure your suggestions are well-thought-out and logical.


1.                  The articles chosen must have been written within the last 10 years.

2.                  Be sure you do not merely list and answer the questions above. You must construct a well-written thread in narrative format with an introduction and conclusion. The following outline is recommended:

a.                   Introductory sentences (hot topic to be covered, why it is important to you, etc.);

b.                  Discussion of why you believe the hot topic is or is not a problem for the earth and/or mankind;

c.                   Discussion of possible solutions for the problem or possible ways to reach out to the opposing side if the hot topic is not judged to be a problem; and

d.                  Concluding sentence.

3.                  Be sure to reference your articles in a bibliography using current APA formatting. Also, provide in-text citations, as appropriate.

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Earth Science Review
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....Air Pollution affects the climate by gaseous, fluid, or solid waste which can jeopardize the health well-being of people, pl...
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