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Moral Criticisms of the Market
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Question/Prompt: This assignment requires you to read "Moral Criticisms of the Market" by Ken S. Ewert https://fee.org/articles/moral-criticisms-of-the-market/ .Note that in his article, Ewert is defending the free market from "Christian Socialists." He states their position and then gives a rebuttal. Do you agree with the critique of the market in Ewert's article? Why or why not? Read carefully and offer cogent reasons. Your answer must be at least 250 words. 
Consider the context of the article; the Berlin Wall fell months after the article was published. The USSR followed shortly thereafter.

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Moral Criticisms of the Market
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............Ewert poses the query whether there are alternatives which are superior to the free market which would likewise legitimize Christian criticism of "free market." Ewert contends t...
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