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ISM coding not sure what I've done wrong
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The following restrictions on the data were discussed in the initial meeting:

- Customer Height will be measured in inches

- Sport Type is either basketball, hockey, football, or soccer

- Food Type is either drink, snack, or main dish

- Restaurant Type is either concession stand or sit down restaurant

- The Departments are Ticketing, Food Service, Gift Shop, Maintenance, and Security

- Multiple food orders occurred on March 17th, 2020.

- All events and orders occurred in 2020.



Implement the database in MySQL. Specifically, write a SQL script to do the following:

a. Create the Tables. Each Table must have a Primary Key constraint, Foreign Key

constraints where applicable, and other constraints as written in the table

instance charts.


the below code is wrong what did I do wrong

reate table Customer(CustomerID INTEGER(7) not null, C_FName varchar(20) not null,C_Lname  varchar(30) not null,C_Height INTEGER(7) not null,SeasonPass_ID INTEGER not null,primary key(CustomerID) ,foreign key(SeasonPass_ID) references SeasonPass(SeasonPassID) );

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ISM coding check attached sql files
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ISM coding check attached s...
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