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In a poll, adult men aged 25-35 were asked, "If you go bald, will you consider hair transplant if you can afford it?" Thirty percent of them said, "Definitely."

Suppose this result is true for the current population of adult men aged 25-35. A random sample of 15 adult men aged 25-35 is selected.

Use the binomial probabilities table (Table I of Appendix B) or technology to find the probability that the number of men in this sample of 15 who will say definitely in response to the said question is:

a. At least 4          

b. 1 to 3   

c. At most 5

Post an answer individually to the learning team forum.

Discuss with your Learning Team how you arrived at the answer.

Discuss if the answer is valid and how it might differ if the sample wasn't random

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