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Review the case study below (attached), and answer the questions that are provided. Provide complete and detailed responses to each question. Your paper must be at least three and half pages in length.

Your communication plan should address the following questions:

What are your concerns? For example, how will you motivate the employees to stay throughout the 60 days if they have

other job offers? How will you motivate all employees to maintain their productivity levels?

In the article “Semper Fidelis! A Recipe for Leading Others,” which is part of your Required Reading for this unit, Aubrey

Daniels describes how a person earns leadership status and explains the importance of positive reinforcement. How will

your plan help you to establish yourself as a positive reinforcer?

What leadership style does Mr. Davis exhibit?

Propose at least three leadership theories that could be applied to this situation. How will these theories advance or

affect employee motivation?


You are required to incorporate information from at least three sources in the required reading for the unit as well as two

additional sources in your response. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have

accompanying citations and references. Your paper should be formatted in APA style to include a title page and reference


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Communication Plan The Communication Plan By (student Name) (Institution Affiliation) (Course title) (Professor name) (Full date ANALYSIS OF THE CASE STUDY This is a scenario that requires the human resource director to prepare a communication outline a plan based on the specifications provided by the senior vice president and the vice president of a call centre falling under the Fortune 500 companies. It has emerged that the call centre is set to be relocated from north east to Texas in the southern part of the country. Secondly the management has decided to reorganize the company following the retirement of the president of the company among other reasons not disclosed. The human resource director has been directed to prepare the most suitable communication plan to the region as well as to the employees. Secondly you are requiring preparing your address to the employees when contacted by the state on benefits and services they are entitled to. THE COMUNICATION PLAN: - to Employees Strategic Overview Communication Objective The objective of this communication plan is to inform eh employees of the decision by the company to relocate from north east to south Texas. The employees will require t be informed of the reorganization that will take place as a result of the relocation and retirement of the president. They will also be informed of the benefits and services that are entitle to them under state laws and directives. Positioning statement This organization is a call centre that offers exemplary telecommunication services to all its consumers which comprise of both individual and other business organizations. It has been rated and categorised as the one of the best under the fortune 500 companies. This is based on it continuous success in the past 75 years that it has been in existence. Target audience The audience we shall be targeting are all employ...
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