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Final Exam STAT 200

  • From Mathematics, Statistics
  • Due on 29 Mar, 2015 03:38:00
  • Asked On 27 Mar, 2015 01:42:19
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                                                                                                please see attached document                                         

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[Solved] Final Exam STAT 200 | Complete Solution

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(a) False(b) True(c) True(d) False(e) False Work for (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e): a)The normal distribution curve is always symmetric to its mean so if 0 is not the mean t...

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[Solved] Final Exam STAT 200

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Answers with detailed so...
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[Solved] STAT 200 Introduction to Statistics Final Examination solution correct answers

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  • Submitted On 13 Jul, 2015 12:45:13
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STAT 200 Introduction to Statistics Final Examination solution correct answers Answer Sheet Instructions: This is an open-book exam. You may refer to your text and other course materials as you work on the exam, and you may use a calculator. Record your answers and work in this document. Answer all 25 questions. Make sure your answers are as complete as possible. Show all of your work and reasoning. In particular, when there are calculations involved, you must show how you come up with your answers with critical work and/or necessary tables. Answers that come straight from programs or software packages will not be accepted. If you need to use software (for example, Excel) and /or online or hand-held calculators to aid in your calculation, please cite the source and explain how you get the results. When requested, show all work and write all answers in the spaces allotted on the following pages. You may type your work using plain-text formatting or an equation editor, or you may hand-write your work and scan it. In either case, show work neatly and correctly, following standard mathematical conventions. Each step should follow clearly and completely from the previous step. If necessary, you may attach extra pages. You must complete the exam individually. Neither collaboration nor consultation with others is allowed. Your exam will receive a zero grade unless you complete the following honor statement.   Record your answers and work. Problem Number Solution 1 (25 pts) Answers: (a) True (b) False (c) True (d) True (e) False Work for (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e): Variance represents the average of the squared difference from the mean. Variance 0 means all values are same as mean which indicates identical values. Thus the statement is true. As there is no common region between A and Ac so P(A and Ac) = 0 and thus the given statement is false. As the normal distribution is symmetric about the mean so the mean and median is the same value and thus the given statement is true. For 99% confidence interval we need a larger Z or t-value (or any other value as appropriate) to multiply with standard error to find out the confidence interval. Thus the statement is correct. Smaller significance level gives larger critical value and hence rejecting the null hypothesis becomes more diffic...
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