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Bussiness 121 Unit 3 Discussion: The Hiring Process
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Unit 3 Discussion: The Hiring Process

Staffing is probably the most important process that a business must manage. We want a qualified and competent labor force. This means hiring the very best people to work for the business. The first step in the staffing process usually consists of having an applicant complete an application. The application gathers information about the candidate's work history, education, and other such demographic information. "Applications are seldom used for upper level jobs" and most applications are now prepared electronically and are submitted through the company's web site (Ebert & Griffin, 2011, p.152).

After the application is submitted, many employers require candidates to take a series of tests as part of the hiring process; i.e., skills, personality, intelligence, screenings for drugs, background checks, etc. These tests may be administered before or after the interview. In the final stages of the hiring process, benefits and on-the-job training are discussed.

Assume you are the hiring manager and you need to fill an open position in your company. This company can be real or imaginary. You can use the company you work for.

Remember to respond to the following points:

  • What kind of company are you managing? What is the position you need to fill?
  • What personality traits would you look for? What personality tests would you give to new applicants?
  • What skills would be important? How would you measure or test for these skills?
  • What are your opinions on using drug tests, background checks or credit checks? Would you run such checks on new applicants for your business? Explain why you would or would not.
  • What additional benefits would you offer? For example, what would you do about benefits like health insurance, 401K, vacation, tuition reimbursement?
  • When you reply to your classmates, examine their opinions and views on testing new applicants for hire. Do you agree or disagree with their position?


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