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CIS 321 Unit 1 Discussion 2

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Unit 1 Discussion 2: Choosing the Appropriate Tool for an Administrative Task

Read the list of common administrative tasks and then answer the discussion prompts below.

  • Resetting a user's password
  • Creating and provisioning a user account with the following information: EmployeeID, Group membership, and home folder location
  • Installing a printer on multiple machines in a domain
  • Installing a printer on multiple machines in a workgroup
  • Installing a printer on a single machine
  • Resetting the password for multiple users
  • Installing software on multiple computers in a workgroup
  • Installing software on multiple computers in a domain
  • Analyzing the logs on a single computer
  • Analyzing the logs on multiple computers
  • Identify whether a command, command pipeline, script, or the GUI is the most appropriate tool for each of the administrative tasks above.
  • For each task, justify why you feel the tool is the most appropriate choice.
  • List two other tasks not listed above that should be scripted.
  • Remember to provide proper APA citation for any resources you use and make sure to include the source links.
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