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Stat 200 Week 6 Homework

  • From Mathematics, Statistics
  • Due on 15 Mar, 2015 12:47:00
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2. List 3 measures one can take to increase the power of an experiment. Explain why your measures result in greater power.

65. Previously, an organization reported that teenagers spent 4.5 hours per week, on average, on the phone. The organization thinks that, currently, the mean is higher. Fifteen randomly chosen teenagers were asked how many hours per week they spend on the phone. The sample mean was 4.75 hours with a sample standard deviation of 2.0. Conduct a hypothesis test. The null and alternative hypotheses are:

a. Ho: =4.5,Ha: >4.5

b. Ho:μ≥4.5,Ha:μ<4.5

c. Ho:μ=4.75,Ha:μ>4.75

d. Ho:μ=4.5,Ha:μ>4.5

77. An article in the San Jose Mercury News stated that students in the California state university system take 4.5 years, on average, to finish their undergraduate degrees. Suppose you believe that the mean time is longer. You conduct a survey of 49 students and obtain a sample mean of 5.1 with a sample standard deviation of 1.2. Do the data support your claim at the 1% level?

83. According to an article in Newsweek, the natural ratio of girls to boys is 100:105. In China, the birth ratio is 100: 114 (46.7% girls). Suppose you don’t believe the reported figures of the percent of girls born in China. You conduct a study. In this study, you count the number of girls and boys born in 150 randomly chosen recent births. There are 60 girls and 90 boys born of the 150. Based on your study, do you believe that the percent of girls born in China is 46.7?


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[Solved] Stat 200 Week 6 Homework | Solution to question 65 and 83

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