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Reconstitution Activities

Upon termination of recovery activities and once normal operations are back in place, then reconstitution efforts should begin. If the original site is unrecoverable (e.g., burned in fire), then the reconstitution activities may be applied to preparing a new site to support information system requirements. Reconstitution activities should address:


  1. Ensuring adequate infrastructure support, such as electric power, water, telecommunications, security, environmental control, office equipment, and supplies
  2. Installing system hardware and software
  3. Establishing connectivity and interfaces with network components and external systems
  4. Testing system operations to ensure full functionality
  5. Backing up operational data on the contingency system and uploading to restored system
  6. Shutting down the contingency system
  7. Terminating contingency operations
  8. Removing and/or locating all sensitive materials at the contingency site
  9. Arranging for recovery staff to return to the original/new facility


Directions: Prepare a document that specifies the reconstitution procedures that will need to be included in your Disaster Recovery Plan. You may need to perform a web-based search for a Disaster Recovery Plan template using a search engine like Google or Bing to help you determine what the plan will look like in its final form.


In your document, make sure to:

  • Specify the procedures that will need to be included.
  • Explain why these procedures are necessary for your organization.
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Upon termination of recovery activities and once normal operations are back in place
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Reconstitution Activities in a Disaster Recovery Plan paper
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