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Fanny and Freeman’s Business Operations and Systems
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(2200 words needed)

B&M was formed in 1978 and they are variety retailers in the UK. B&M operate 450 stores across UK and employs 20,000 workers (http://www.bandmretail.com/).

You should outline the essential components for ‘effective business operations management’ for B&M stores (B&M) in the UK. Use a soft systems methodology to evaluate the issues B&M might face if they decide to introduce facilities to enable their customers to order goods online and have them delivered to the door. Support your discussion with appropriate business operations models (i.e. operation strategy performance (priorities) model, customer value, the service gap model, four v’s profile etc.).


1. You should start with what B&M are doing well compare to the sector (why customers turn up to the stores).

2. Research the problems they may face going online (the change) using Soft Systems Methodology (critical analysis

of need/problem to be solved).

3. Support your discussions with appropriate operations models (quality/depth).

You should compare and contrast different models used by the sector in which B&M operates and recommend appropriate solutions for online shopping, make easier for customers to select and buy their products with fully integrated mobile applications (issues to consider centralised/ decentralised inventory and delivery chain, customer value chain, cost implications, sustainability etc.).With reference to the parcel conundrum (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-18709348)recommend how B&M should respond to this conundrum (keeping in mind the possible technological and environmental (CO2) impact).


4. Your academic enquiry should lead to synthesis of important issues around the problem and solution.

5. Critical analysis and evaluation of customer’s digital experience.

6. Innovative ways to serve their customers better.

7. Consider the services which are unique and benefits to B&M.

8. Consider customer value for shopping online.

9. Comparison of different solution with costing and choose one solution to take forward with reasoning.


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