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PHYL 120 Unit 4 Discussion

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Unit 4 Discussion: Waves

It is time to take on the role of a scientist again. Do not look up the following, or concern yourself with being wrong or right. Just use your imagination.

Consider the information that you have learned in this unit about waves and discuss one type of wave that could be considered harmful or beneficial depending upon your viewpoint. For example, gamma knives are considered dangerous because they emit dangerous, high-energy radiation; however it is used in a medical capacity to remove tumors. In your initial post, identify the type of wave and describe both the dangers and benefits of it to society.

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[Solved] Ultraviolet Waves: Source, Uses and Hazards

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Ultraviolet Waves: Source, Uses and Hazards Professor’s Name Student’s Name Institution Date   Ultraviolet waves Ultraviolet radiation is part of the visible spectrum in the electromagnetic spectrum series. It falls just after visible light and just before x-rays when the radiations are arranged in order of increasing frequencies. Being part of the electromagnetic spectrum, ultraviolet waves belong to the category called transverse electromagnetic waves. In transverse waves, the vibration of particles of the medium takes place perpendicular in the direction of wave travel. Transverse electromagnetic waves are those that do not require a material medium for propagation. They can travel in a vacuum. Ultraviolet waves are highly energetic. The energy they convey is given by E=hf Where f is the frequency and h are the plank’s constant. Sources of ultraviolet  It is present in sunlight  Produce by electric arcs  Produced by mercury-vapor lamps, tanning lamps or black lights. Uses of ultraviolet wa...
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