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Measuring advertising effectiveness
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  • Discuss the strategic differences between traditional media channels and new media using real world examples.
  • The article listed below says: "It is necessary to know whether the advertisements are really impacting the consumers in their behavior and purchase decision process and what kind of opinions the consumers are having against the quality and impact of advertisement?. This paper is based on an empirical study and makes an attempt to answer the issues identified."


How do you think consumer decision making can be measured based on advertising or other marketing communications efforts? 


K Rama, M. R., & Adinarayana Rao, ,U.V. (2012). Impact of advertisements on consumer decision making process. PRIMA, 3(1), 15-27. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/1478065317?accountid=35812

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Traditional and Modern Media Channels
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The article listed below says: "It is nece...
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