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PHY 120 Unit 3 Discussion: Electricity and Electromagnetic Induction

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  • Due on 10 Oct, 2016 12:00:00
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Unit 3 Discussion: Electricity and Electromagnetic Induction

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In this unit you are learning about the concepts related to energy and heat. It’s important to not only understand these fundamental concepts but apply them.

Use the Internet or ECPI Online Library to find at least ONE professional or scholarly source that discusses how one of the following is applied or observed in the real world:

Note: Please Choose From One Of These Topics Below

Electrical charge

Electric current

Electromagnetic induction

It is recommended that you try to find research related to your field of study.

Please include the following in your initial post:

  • Provide a brief summary of your research.
  • Explain how the research illustrates the concept(s) you are discussing.
  • Discuss any ethical or practical considerations that might arise from this application of the concept. These might include (but are not limited to) environmental impact, safety concerns, or issues of effectiveness.
  • Your summary must be in your own words.
  • Be sure to cite your source(s) and include the URL.

Note: Do not choose an application very similar to one already chosen by a classmate.

HINT for finding information: When performing a search, input the words "Technology using" or "Applications of" _________ (type in the concept) in the search box of a search engine). Some possible sources to search:

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[Solved] Electricity and Electromagnetic Induction

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The discusion touches on, I...
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[Solved] Unit 3 Discussion: Electricity and Electromagnetic Induction

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Electromagnetic induction This is the process where an electromotive force is produce across a conductor that is exposed to time varying magnetic fields How it is applied Electromagnetic induction is used in so many ways that is power transmission and also the power generation. There are other effects which can also result from the electromagnetic induction for example the eddy currents and sometimes in the transformer. Eddy currents This is the swirling current that is normally set up in a conductor as a result of the in response to a changing magnetic field. According to Lenz┬╣s law, the current normally swirls in such a way that creating a magnetic field which is opposing the change that occurs. Eddy current normally used during braking of the train this occurs when the metal wheels are exposed to a magnetic field which are from an electromagnet this will generate an eddy currents within the wheels then there will be magnetic interaction that occurs between the eddy currents and the applied field causing slowing down of the wheel. An...
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