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Network and Storage

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The Disaster Recovery Team

Since all risks cannot be totally eliminated in practice, the fundamental basis of a Disaster Recovery Plan is that residual risks always remain. Despite the organization's very best efforts to avoid, prevent, or mitigate them, incidents will still occur. Particular situations, combinations of adverse events, or unanticipated threats and vulnerabilities may conspire to bypass or overwhelm even the best information security controls designed to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets.

The Disaster Recovery Team reacts to all major incidents and disasters, formulating flexible plans before the fact and marshaling suitable resources that will come into play in the event, whatever actually occurs. The very word 'contingency' implies that the activities and resources that will be required following major incidents or disasters are contingent (dependent) on the exact nature of the incidents and disasters that actually unfold.

Directions: Prepare a document that specifies the individuals who will comprise the Disaster Recovery Team. This document will become part of the larger developed plan that you will create throughout the term.

In your document, make sure to:

  • Specify the people or groups of people who will comprise the DR team.
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of any individuals or groups on the DR team.
  • Use proper APA citation where research is required.

At this time, you should have already chosen a Disaster Recovery Plan template that you will use to create a plan for the business or organization you've chosen. If you need to modify your plan, research various Disaster Recovery Plan templates using a search engine like Google or Bing. This research will help you determine what your plan should look like in its final form. Below are two examples of a Disaster Recovery Plan.

Prepare your project submission in a Microsoft Word document named

Firstname-ProjectAssignment.doc. Submit your file using the upload instructions below.

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[Solved] Since all risks cannot be totally eliminated in practice, the fundamental basis of a Disaste

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Roles and responsibilities for contingency planning Executive summary 1 Introduction 1.1 ...
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[Solved] Network and Storage

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Network and Storage Network and Storage The Disaster Recovery Team Since all risks cannot be totally eliminated in practice, the fundam...
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