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Storage Area Networks and Disaster Recovery
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Background Information

Each business is unique and distinctive, having various needs and requirements. The need to customize a Disaster Recovery Plan to a particular business situation is a requirement of any good plan.


  1. Identify a business, real or fictitious, and create a list of all personnel, positions, assets, vendors, customers, etc. for that business.
  2. It is vital that you choose a good template and model for your Disaster Recovery Plan. Use the sites below to help you choose a Disaster Recovery Plan template that will work in your particular industry situation.
  • Sample Plan: MIT Business Continuity Plan (Links to an external site.)
  • Disaster Recovery Plan Template:http://www.disaster-recovery-plan.com/ (Links to an external site.)
  • Disaster Recovery Made Easy (Links to Pieces Needed in Plan - Determine Scope and Dependency)http://www.disaster-recovery-plan.com/toolkit.htm (Links to an external site.)
  • The Disaster Recovery Guidehttp://www.disaster-recovery-guide.com/ (Links to an external site.)
  • Identify the qualities that helped you select your Disaster Recovery Plan template, making sure to include:
  • Main reason you chose this template
  • Items that are unnecessary within the selected template
  • Items that must be added to augment the selected template for your particular business
  • How easily is this plan replicated for additional business sites if necessary (or maybe N/A)?
  • Location where you retrieved the template
  • Is permission for use/reproduction required? Has permission been attained? Include date, method secured [such as email, phone, etc.], person supplying permission, necessary declarations, and such as copyrights that must be displayed.

This information will become part of a complete Disaster Recovery Plan that will be completed over the length of the term and is worth 50% of your final grade.

Prepare your responses in a Microsoft Word document named Lastname-Unit1-ProjectAssignment.doc. Submit your file using the upload instructions below.

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Storage Area Networks and Disaster Recovery
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Disaster recovery Plan Disaster recovery is turning into an undeniably vital part of big business figuring. As gadgets, frameworks, and systems turn out to be always intricate, there are essentially more things that can turn out badly. As a result, recovery Plans have likewise turned out to be more mind boggling. As indicated by Jon William Toigo (the creator of disaster recovery Planning). For instance, fifteen or a quarter century if there was a risk to frameworks from a fire, a disaster recovery Plan may comprise of shutting down the centralized server and different PCs before the sprinkler framework went ahead, dismantling parts, and therefore drying circuit sheets in the parking area with a hair dryer. Current venture frameworks have a tendency to be too huge and convoluted for such basic and hands-on methodologies, be that as it may, and intrusion of administration or loss of information can have genuine budgetary effect, whether straightforwardly or through loss of client certainty. Appropriate Plans shift starting with one venture then onto the next, contingent upon variables, for example, the sort of business, the procedures included, and the level of security needed. disaster recovery Planning might be produced inside an association or bought as a product application or an administration. It is not uncommon for an endeavor to burn through 25% of its data innovation spending Plan on disaster recovery. All things considered, the accord inside the DR business is that most undertakings are still not well arranged for a disaster. As indicated by the disaster recovery site, "In spite of the quantity of extremely public disasters since 9/11, still just around 50 percent of organizations report having a disaster recovery Plan. Of those that do, almost half have never tried their Plan, which is commensurate to not having one by any means." Business Continuity Business continuity is the capacity of an association to keep up vital capacities amid, and additionally after, a disaster has happened. Business continuity Planning builds up danger administration procedures and strategies that intend to antici...
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Storage Area Networks and Disaster Recovery
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Storage Area Networks and Disaste...
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