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transcription:using some genes now and some not at all

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following the transcription event, list 4 separate parts of the overall processing of pre-mrna in the cells nucleus.


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[Solved] transcription:using some genes now and some not at all

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The majority of genes are expressed as the proteins they encode. The process occurs in two steps: Transcription = DNA → RNA Translation = RNA → protein Taken together, they make up the "central dogma" of biology: DNA → RNA → protein. Here is an overview. This page examines the first step: Gene Transcription: DNA → RNA DNA serves as the template for the synthesis of RNA much as it does for its own replication. The Steps Some 50 different protein transcription factors bind to promoter sites, usually on the 5′ side of the gene to be transcribed. [View more details] An enzyme, an RNA polymerase, binds to the complex of transcription factors. Working together...
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