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CIS 305 Unit 4 Discussion: Linux File Sharing Services – A Comparison

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Unit 4 Discussion: Linux File Sharing Services – A Comparison

There are occasions where we need to share information between different clients who are running different operating systems on their computers. Which File Sharing service should be the best software to use on our Linux network? Should we use NFS, CIFS, SMB or some other software application on our Linux servers?

The tasks of the administrator is to make sure these services are installed and configured properly so the files can be shared.

In your discussion post: choose to expand the following list of advantages and disadvantages between Samba and NFS for Linux File Sharing services.


SMB/CIFS Benefits:
- Native Windows Support
- Security (at least perceived) better on open networks

NFS Benefits:
- Can achieve higher transfer speeds
- Typically uses a lot less server CPU power
- Can take advantage of multiple CPU cores per instance.
- Native support for Unix like systems (BSD/Linux/Android/OS X)

  • Visit several sites listed below and compile a list of three (3) advantages of using Samba File Sharing over NFS on a Linux server. Try to select different advantages that of your peers have not already posted.
  • Describe each of the three advantages and provide a screenshot or description of each. You may need to search the public web using a search engine like Google or Bing to find screenshots of systems with different services. Cite any sources you use in APA format; this includes sources for any screenshots that are not your own.
  • When responding to your peers’ posts, describe your initial thoughts on the best advantage over the other systems’ services they posted. Note any major similarities or differences your notice between the different services.

Additional Resources

Sharing Files and Printers with Windows client with Samba (Links to an external site.)

Linux and Samba File Sharing (Links to an external site.)

Samba: Share Linux Folders (Links to an external site.)

You must respond to at least two (2) of your classmates. Ask questions to get the conversation moving. To further enhance the discussion, return to your original post throughout the week and respond to a few of the comments and questions raised by classmates and instructor.

If you do not know anything about the topics being discussed, research and come back to the board. Remember to provide proper APA citation for any resources you use and make sure to include the source links. Remember to proofread and spell check your discussion contributions before posting.



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[Solved] Linux File Sharing Services – A Comparison

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A CATIA administrator or user on Windows may wish to access a UNIX server to run a command or custom script that manipulates a CATIA file. This can be done with a command line shell accessed by using a terminal or terminal emulator. Similar situations may arise for UNIX users who wish to access Windows computers. To do more complex tasks such as run a full implementation of CATIA installed on a Windows code server from UNIX, a GUI may be required. Command line access tools include telnet, Berkeley r access commands such as rsh, rexec, rcp, and secure shell (ssh). The telnet client allows the user to operate in the multi-user, command-driven environment provided by a host with a telnet server. Telnet servers and clients exist for both Windows and UNIX. The rsh command allows the user to run commands remotely from the local computer. In UNIX, the GUI is provided by the X Windows system. This has always been designed as a multi-user system, and so it extends to remote clients quite simply. With an X Windows server on the desktop, developers can also use a GUI to connect to UNIX-based applications. Windows operating systems do not provide X Windows. For X Windows connectivity, developers need a third-party X Windows server. Windows, by contrast, is traditionally thought of as a single user operating system. However, the recent addition of Terminal Services to Windows 2000, as well as third party systems like Citrix Metaframe, has allowed multiple users to gain GUI access from remote computers. These access methods are of particular importance when migrating custom applications and scripts (see Chapter 7, "Migrating Custom Applications and Scripts"). While migrating, developers need access to the UNIX development servers from their Windows desktops. Even during a rewrite to Win32—which replaces the UNIX environment permanently—developers must have access to the UNIX environment. Developers need access for operations such as: • Running the UNIX application to check the original functionality. • Referring to UNIX code, the build configuration, or management scripts. • Migrating any missing portions of code or scripts. The following sections describe the main connectivity solutions available. Note: In X Windows terminology, server refers to the software running on the users desktop that provides the user interface; and client is the applicat...
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