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CIS 305 Unit 2 Discussion Remote Network Administration

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Unit 2 Assignment: Comparison of Linux Web Servers


A web server is an application that run on a server that listens for connections from clients on a specific network port. After a connection is made, the server waits for the client request for a specific webpage. The request like a request for a web page is formatted in a programming language called Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

Directions: For this assignment, you will visit (Links to an external site.) and compile a handout of advantages and disadvantages of major Linux web servers.

Write a one-page report in the form of a handout in which you describe each of the web servers. You may need to search the public web using a search engine like Google or Bing to find description of the commands. Cite any sources you use in APA format; this includes sources for any screenshots that are not your own.

Be sure to choose commands that you found interesting. We want to hear a good variety of commands that could become part of a handout to new users of Linux.

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[Solved] CIS 305 Unit 2 Discussion Remote Network Administration

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The greatest advantage of Linux Hosting is good for testing new discoveries especially for programmers in practice.
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