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PSY 105 Unit 2 Discussion 2: Intelligence

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Unit 2 Discussion 2: Intelligence


Both intelligence and the accuracy of measuring intelligence can be influenced by multiple factors. For instance, we can see in Section 9.4 that environment plays a role for most all group differences in intelligence, lowering scores for some groups. Intelligence theorists are often in the center of one of the major debates in the field of psychology, often presented as nature versus nurture, in other words, how much of our behavior is controlled by biology and genetics versus how much is controlled by external factors.

In the videos below, specific factors that can have an effect on academic performance or intelligence testing are discussed, along with the concept of multiple intelligences. After viewing the videos, consider the LEARN approach as you discuss the questions that follow, in particular looking for multiple influences.

 (Links to an external site.)
View this video “How Stereotypes Lower Test Scores.” This interview is about how stereotypes lower test scores. Also see p. 345 on group differences in intelligence.

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“The Pygmalion Effect and the Power of Positive Expectations” is a video detailing Rosenthal's study showing the powerful effect of expectation on children's academic and intelligence test performance. This ties into 9.4 Group Differences in Intelligence.

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“What is multiple intelligence theory?” is a video in which Prof. Howard Gardner, of Harvard University, discusses his theory of multiple intelligences and the seven separate types of cognitive abilities operating independently.

Write a post that addresses these questions, including examples from your text, the videos, or other sources where possible. If you use outside sources, please provide information that would allow your classmates to locate the source.

  • Discuss several biological/genetic as well as environmental factors that might make a person at-risk for a lower IQ score?
  • In reflection of the video “The Pygmalion Effect and the Power of Positive Expectations”, how can we use this knowledge to improve performance in the classroom, workplace and elsewhere?
  • In the “What is multiple intelligence theory?” video we learn about a more comprehensive way to think about intelligence. How does this knowledge change your perspective on your own intellectual capabilities and strengths?
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[Solved] Unit 2 Discussion 2: Intelligence

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Multiple intelligences theory states that we all experience and make sense of the world through differing lenses (details on them below). The strengths each individual possesses are different, as are the ways we use them to solve problems. Gardner further categorizes intelligence into three categories -- one's ability to create a product of service valuable to society; a skill set used to problem solve; and one's potential to learn and find creative solutions. When you compare multiple theories of intelligence you begin to think about todays definition of what intel...
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