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The final project will be based on the cover story “The Story of Your Life” in the June 2016 issue of Psychology Today magazine. In addition to the cover, the main article begins on page 50 within the issue and continues to page 59. This is actually an accumulation of several short essays. Consequently you will have multiple citations and references, depending on which essay you use to answer each question on the final. You will need, undoubtedly, a few to several to answer the questions well.You can find the magazine at virtually any municipal or college library.

Throughout this course, you have discussed ethical issues in rhetoric and rhetorical analysis several times. In this project, you will apply all the knowledge of strategic analysis and apply rhetorical techniques that you will learn throughout the term in an analytical writing Assignment.

Your Assignment for this course will be a 7-page (plus cover and reference page), double-spaced strategic analysis written in APA style. In this Assignment, you will showcase your knowledge of rhetorical techniques, strategic principles, and apply rhetorical techniques to resolving ethical issues in rhetorical situations. You must be sure to document all of your sources using both in-text citations and a final reference page.

Write a 7-page [plus cover and reference page] analytical essay that demonstrates your knowledge of rhetorical techniques, strategic principles, and application of rhetorical techniques to a visual display, as well as your best essay writing skills. In your analysis, respond specifically to the following questions:

1.    What is the appeal [ethos, pathos, logos] of the cover illustration or photo and the cover line? How do they work together to draw in the reader, prompting a person to buy the magazine and read the article? Based on the rhetoric, what do you think is the profile of the intended reader? Explain your answer.

2.    Discuss all the visual elements in the article [photos, illustrations, type, page design, color selection, etc.] in terms of their effect on the audience. How will they reinforce the writer’s argument—or negate it? Evaluate the visuals according to the four standards of ethics, truth, aesthetics, and effects (Campbell pp 246—251).

3.    If someone does not read the article, but only looks as the display type and graphics, what message would he or she be likely to take from the visual presentation? How does that differ from the message in the text of the article?

4.    In the writing, which forms of proof does the author use—provide examples?

5.    Identify and explain two fallacies in the argument .

6.    What enthymematic responses does the writer try to have you form—provide examples?

7.    What sentences tell you whether the author is writing from a modern or postmodern point of view? How do they reveal the point of view? Why do you consider the author’s argument deductive or inductive?

8.    Identify two ethical choices the writer faced in creating the rhetorical act.

9.    What language does the author use that either might create an ethical problem for the reader—or prevent one?

10.  Identify rhetorical challenges arising from the subject and/or audience


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