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CIS 251 Unit 4 Case Project Part D

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Unit 4 Case Project Part D


Part 1 - 50 Points

Your employer, Terapin Technologies, a Microsoft-certified solutions provider, has been approached by a local company requesting help them with a project. The company is interested in securing some traffic on their network. They want to secure all traffic to their FTP server from Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista clients. You were given the project to handle. You know you plan to use IPSec for this. What steps would you take to implement this solution for the company? Be very specific.

Record your specific steps in a file called Lastname_U4_CaseProject_1.doc


Part 2 - 50 Points

Your boss at Terapin Technologies has been engaged by a local company, B.R. Hunter, LLC, to help improve their network security. They are currently running a Windows Server 2008 network with Active Directory. They have a desktop financial application that communicates with an application and database server, both Server 2008, on the network. They use both desktop and mobile notebook computers. All configurations are default. No customizations have been performed beyond installing Roles and Features. What are your recommendations for increasing the security of their environment?

Record your recommendations in a file called Lastname_U4_CaseProject_2.doc.
Submit both files following the instructions below.

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[Solved] Unit 4 Case Project Part D BOTH PART

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Answer: FTP means: File Transfer Protocol, which allows the user of the Internet for transferring and downloading files from the Internet. It is basically used to transfer a file from web pages to other / remote computers. It is also used to download programs and other files to your computer. These days all the data to be transferred is secured or taken as confidential. If the parental controller of the website doesn’t uses the best or effective security protocols on Internet then the data or files may be high jacked by other users and they can easily steals all the personal or professional information of the user of your website and resulting to it may become accountable to the administrator of the website. Following are the main reasons for FTP traffic in websites: • Weak Client authentication • No server authentication • No data Integrity Following is the major step to be imposed to secure FTP traffic between FTP server and windows client: First of all, the users of the websites have FTP client that supports FTP secure methods for example browser may be used Mozilla Firefox which have its own freeware firewall to avoid unnecessary FTP traffic. After then you have to install IIS7 on your windows 2008 server. Then install Microsoft publishing contents for IIS 7.0 which is integrated with the IIS 7.0 manager for securing...
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[Solved] CIS 251 Unit 4 Case Project Part D

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Answer: FTP means: File Transfer Protocol, which a...
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