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Calculation of the magnetic force. See attached document
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. A rectangular loop of wire with sides H = 30 cm and W = 65 cm carries current I2 = 0.383 A. An infinite straight wire, located a distance L = 34cm from segment ad of the loop as shown, carries current I1 = 0.598 A in the positive y-direction.

1) What is Fadx , the x-component of the force exerted by the infinite wire on segment ad of the loop?
2) What is Fbcx , the x-component of the force exerted by the infinite wire on segment bc of the loop?.
3) What is Fnet.y, the y-component of the net force exerted by the infinite wire on the loop?

. Another infinite straight wire, aligned with the y-axis is now added at a distance 2L = 68 cm from segment bc of the loop as shown. A current I3, flows in this wire. The loop now experiences a net force of zero.


4) What is the direction and magnitude of I3?

See attached document

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Answer. :) I do't know if you still need this since this is year ago.. XD
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H = 0.30 m W = 0.65 m L = 0.34 i1 = 0.598 A i2 = 0.383 A 1) Fad =...
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