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CIS 251 Unit 3 Case Projects Part C
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Part 1 - 50 Points

In chapter 9, you learned about SSTP and using it as a tunneling protocol for VPNs.

  • Research SSTP, then describe how SSTP works between a VPN client and server.
  • In addition, research and describe the operating systems that support SSTP on the client side.
  • Cite the sources of your information.


Part 2 - 50 Points

You have been approached by a small company, Breakaway Brothers Touring Company, a provider of hunting excursions in northern Wisconsin. Their tour guides are equipped with notebook computers for logging tour details and communicating with the home office. Each guide requires a secure method for connecting back to the home office. Guides have mobile broadband Internet cards. However, they are often in areas without access to cellular networks and have access only to telephone lines. Based on their operation, what would you recommend Breakaway Brothers implement to meet the needs of their remote users? Include in your recommendation any additional hardware, software, or other Infrastructure components they will need.


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CIS 251 Unit 3 Case Projects Part C
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