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#1 (Chapter 2) [20 points]

Figure 2.8 shows seven (7) examples of E-R diagrams representing seven (7) different types of relationships.

  1. Draw another seven (7) E-R diagrams for seven (7) different types of relationships using the layout format of Figure 2.8.

  2. In each E-R diagram using the layout format of Figure 2.7, write two sentences (i) as you read from left to right and (ii) as you read from right to left.

#2 (Chapter 4) [30 points]

Part A [15 points]

Please response to question "Consulting Opportunity 4.1 (pp. 108)."


Part B [15 points]

Please response to question "Consulting Opportunity 4.2 (pp. 111)."

#3 (Chapter 5) [10 points]

Cheryl Stake is concerned that too many forms are being filled out incorrectly. She feels that about 10 percent of all the forms have an error.

    1. How large a sample size should Ms. Stake use to be 96-percent certain she will be within 0.05?

    2. Suppose Ms. Stake will accept a confidence level of 90 percent that she will be within 0.07. What will the sample size of forms be now?

#4 (Chapter 7) [25 points]
     Refer to problems 1, 6 & 7 in Kendall & Kendall pp. 206 [with some modifications])

Part A [10 points]

Up to this point you seem to have had an excellent rapport with Kevin Cahoon, the owner of a musical instrument manufacturing company. When you showed him the data flow diagrams you drew, however, he did not understand them.

a. In a paragraph, write down in general terms how to explain to a user what a data flow diagram is.
Be sure to include a list of symbols and what they mean.

b. It takes some effort to educate users about data flow diagrams. Is it worthwhile to share them with users? Why or why not? Defend your response in a paragraph.

Part B [15 points]

a. Draw a context-level data flow diagram for Perfect Pizza (Problem 5).

b. Explode the context-level diagram in Problem 6 showing all the major processes.
Call this Diagram 0. It should be a logical data flow diagram.

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#2 (Chapter 4 and Chapter 5) [20 points] The Objectives: More efficient information retrieval system Standardized inputs and outputs Efficient decision making with decision support Reliability and speed of information Flexibility to accommodate decision style a) To set up an interview, call ahead to allow for Leo to think about the interview. Arrange a time for the interview at his convenience. Inform him of the objectives of the interview and give him a general idea of what to expect. Reconfirm place and time of the interview on the day before the interview. b) The diamond-shaped structure is a good structure for this interview. It combines the strengths of pyramid and funnel structures; it entails beginning the interview in a very specific way, then examining the objectives, and finally coming to a very specific conclusion about eac...
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