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COMS101 Quiz 1 Liberty University

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There is an outline here, but very little, it is only multiple choice and true/false questions based on Liberty University professor's questions, i Have older templates but was wondering if anyone had anything newer or up to date.  Thanks for your time!!!

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[Solved] COMS 101 Quiz 1 Liberty University Study Guide

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COMS 101 Quiz 1 Liberty University Study Guide Q1. Communication derives from the root word Q2. The purpose of the rhetorical approach is Q3. The purpose or goal of the expositional approach is Q4. What is encoding? Q5. What is transmission? Q6. Alban raises three objections to the view that no people can ever see things in exactly the same way: What are these? Q7. What are three barriers that can disrupt meaningful transmissions of information between senders and potential recipients? Q8. This figurative form identifies one thing in a way that symbolically stands for another thing Q9. This figurative form explicitly compares two otherwise dissimilar things, usually via the modifiers like or a...
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