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CIS 245 Installing Windows 2012
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For this assignment, go to Lynda.com and view the (Section 2) video titled, “"Installing Server 2012" (Links to an external site.)” with Timothy Pintello.

In one to two paragraphs, explain what you have learned from this video. Include the following information:

  • Have you ever installed software in the past? What was your experience(s)? If you have never installed any software, what process did you imagine it to follow?
  • Briefly explain the steps provided in this video for installing Windows Server 2012.
  • Was there any new information that you learned after watching this video? Explain.
  • From this video, provide additional information that you feel is important when installing Windows Server 2012.

Please Follow This Link To Follow For This Assignment:



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The Windows Server 2012
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1- Insert the Windows Server 2012 DVD, and once you get the following message press Enter to boot from the setup 2- Wait for a while till the setup loads all necessary files (Depending on your machine, it will take couple of minutes) 3- Once the setup files are loaded, the setup will start with the following screen. You can change these to meet your needs (the default values should be fine for now) 4- Once you click Next, you can start the installation, click “Install now” 5- You will see the following screen, wait until it finishes loading 6- In the following setup screen, you will see four options. Select Windows Server 2012 DataCenter Evaluation (Server With GUI). 7- After you click Next from previous screen, Read the License terms, tick the “I accept the license terms” and click Next 8- Now it will ask you for the drive (or ...
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